Petser Automatic Car Wash Systems; 


• Open to the world. Vision, entrepreneurial spirit and courage will make its brands in the world market claimant has the strength and determination.

• Is dynamic, innovation and creativity gives invests in research and development; quickly adapts to change.

• Conveys a sense of responsibility towards society, all social stakeholders work to add value to the moral and material sensitive to the environment.

• On the road to the future, the past values ​​of power and national awareness of the importance of getting the course depends on the family and moral values.

• The key to success, efficient, disciplined and believes that work as planned.

• Adding value to its employees, professional training and development allows, rewards success.

• A reputable, stable and strong, honest and reliable institution.

• Tries to be the best in every field of activity. Focuses on the results. Uncompromising product and service quality.

• Participatory, fair and democratic management, realized the necessity of institutionalization, learning is an organization open to criticism.

• Creating a pleasant working environment, team spirit, believe in the power of synergy and communication.

• Customer focused, determined by market demand and expectations, according to him, directs the production.

• Clean and organize your values​​, encourages frugality, across from waste.

• Human values​​, supports participatory goals always successful.

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